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Published: 19th May 2011
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“Since nurses are the patient’s regular point-of –contact with a health care facility, it is essential they project the right image. Dirty, ill-fitted uniforms can create a negative impression. Uniforms Twenty One provides easy-to-maintain, high-quality uniforms in interesting colours and designs to help you achieve your objective of creating a professional and efficient image"

Since the time of Florence Nightingale, the profession of nursing has won the respect and recognition it deserves as a noble calling. It is, inarguably, the world’s toughest profession and demands absolute sincerity and commitment from its followers. With time, nursing has undergone huge changes in function and efficiency. Nurses are no longer just care-takers but an important part of any health care setup. More than the doctors, it is the nurses who interact with the patient on a frequent basis. That makes them integral to the whole image of a hospital as the patients base their opinion of a medical facility on their personal interactions and experiences.

That’s why, increasing importance is being given by hospitals to fine-tune the service standard and give the nursing staff ample resources to carry out their responsibilities without a hitch. Since, it’s the nurses who come on regular contact with the patients it is essential to ensure they project the right image. Nursing uniforms play a vital role in creating a professional, efficient look that goes a long way into reassuring the patient about the quality of health care and the service standard of a hospital. It is essential to invest time, money and resources in getting the right nursing attire if one wants to ensure that patients take away with them a positive image of a health care facility.

At this point, it is useful to point out what are the points that need to be kept in mind while zeroing in on the right nursing gear for the staff. The most important factor is ease of maintenance. The nature of medical stains makes it imperative for the fabric to be stain-resistant as well as sturdy enough to stand the rough use and strenuous cleaning it is invariably subjected to. Given the long-working hours, the uniforms should be comfortable and must be able to keep body temperature at its optimum. The design should allow free-movement while being interesting and clutter-breaking at the same time. Given all these parameters, it can be tough to find a vendor who can meet all these requirements without compromising on either quality or cost-efficiency.

However, the problem is easily taken care of. Stores like Uniforms Twenty One, dedicated to supplying customized nursing scrubs to hospitals, make this task a simple cake-walk. One look at the catalogue assures you that this is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. They have a range of ready-made nursing garments in interesting patterns and colours. These readymade clothes come in varying sizes as per standard measurement. Here you can take your pick from the available stock of uniforms or get customized designs with your brand logo monogrammed on them to give your brand an unmistakable signature. Uniforms Twenty One promises the best quality at prices so low that they are unbelievable. These uniforms are manufactured to meet the most exacting standards and are made to last. Your staff is bound to love the innovative designs and patterns and your patients will be left impressed. So, go ahead and give your health-care staff the uniforms that create the right brand image for your hospital.

I am Aaron Jones. I am covering nursing uniforms available over the web for past 10 years. Here I am presenting my views on nursing uniforms at Uniforms Twenty One.

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